Sudarin Unn

Traveler and Photographer

“…here’s the thing, both of my parents were born & raised in place what is known to the modern world as cambodia. they were then given a nationally as cambodian. i was born in vietnam, growing up in the uk & became a british citizen…seems to me, all that was nothing more than given borders identity. just as parents naming our childrens id, in the end we never know for sure who we really are nor where we from.

That said, i introduce myself as sudarin unn in this life.

This leads me to a quest that inpired me to travel & exploring how life evolves, what’s making our world of today. how the world created its religion & cultural travelling from region to region.
my journey began back in 2002. along with it, i took interest in photography with my first digital camera when fujifilm launched their finepix 6900zoom 3megapix in 2001.

I started off as what you might call it travel photography, pretty much immediately i’ve dicovered what made these places unique were none other than its people where the heart & soul of its wonder.
This drawn me to focus on the surrounding people, my photography became between travel, street & documentary photography if you will. combine the two, i became passionate on the subjects ever since”

Published photo series of Sudarin:

Streetphotography: Streetphotography Asia, People of Japan, People of China


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